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When is the promotional period?

What is the qualifying purchase?

What are the participating ferry journeys?

Can I participate?

What am I eligible to claim back?

When can I claim my fuel spend back?

What do I have to do to claim?

What can I provide as proof of purchase?

Do I have to complete all the fields in the online claim form?

I have spent over the value of my reward on fuel, can I still claim?

I have spent under the value of my reward on fuel, can I still claim?

Where can I find my Fuelback code?

What happens to my claim after I’ve submitted my details?

What happens if I have not heard from you within 7 working days?

How long do I have to submit my banking details via the link provided in the email?

How long will it take for my BACs payment to be made?

Can Can I claim my fuelback reward at the service station?

What if I have a problem submitting my claim?